Anonymous said: What's your favorite starting index for arrays?

-1 obviously. Not enough languages embrace this idea. If I create a language, -1 will be the starting index for arrays.

Anonymous said: What is your favorite architecture pattern?

Scrum. The ‘r’ in scrum stand for RRchitecture. 

Somebody needs to create the language Objective BASIC.

Slown Huffmeister

7th Normal Form

So I’ve come up with a new way to normalize databases, which i’m deeming as 7th normal form. You will be storing primitive data types in their own table. For example this is the boolean table.

So anytime you need true, you would store the id 1 and false you would store 2. 

There will also be tables of each character and the digits 0-9 and . so you can build up strings and floating point.

Use this. Normalize your databases correctly. 

Anonymous said: How can I make IE 6 fast?

Open up the executable in notepad. Find the 5th occurrence of ɞ.  Replace the next 23 characters with superSlownSpeedUp=true; The next time you open IE 6, you should notice the speed up.

Anonymous said: How does java reflection work?

Java reflection works by sticking mirrors into the JVM during runtime.

Anonymous said: How do I make a scrabble solver?

The optimal way to write a scrabble solver is to choose an esoteric language like Shakespeare. Then store all the words in a stack and brute force a solution. It’s the only way.

Anonymous said: What do you say to people who haven't heard of you? Will you be writing a book soon?

If people haven’t heard of me, they are obviously oblivious to perfection. I will be writing a book soon titled “Slown Huffmeister: Eptiome of Perfection”. 

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Anonymous said: Can I run Steam on Mac OS 9?

Run Linux in a vm to run wine to run Cygwin to ssh into a friends computer run steam on os 9.